Anonymous asked: I just wanted to let you know that there's a new glee/charmed crossover group and the Halliwells are playable characters. thepowerofgleewillsetyoufree@tumblr if you're interested!

OOC: Thanks for the offer but a) Im not a fan of glee and b) Im not that into group roleplays. Thanks so much for offering though :)

I’m so sorry for my absence these last few days. I promise I’ll get to those replies and starters spoon, as well as those people who liked my post about a short starter. Nothing is being ignored, I promise ;)


CHARMED REWATCH - one scene per episode: 4x10 A Paige From The Past

Charmed 8x06 “Kill Billie Vol. 1”

It bothers me in charmed when they chant old spells but don’t chant the full spell. It just doesn’t sound right.

I’ll be on later today to do those few owed drafts and whatnot :P If you want a short starter then like this post ;)

Someone tagged me in something but it’s not coming up D:

so many people are reblogging my parallel thing *fangirls* asdfsdfhsdkjfh i honestly didnt think it was that good of a parallel. 



           ”Fine if you and your sisters want to deal with the aftershock of all of this going public. What do I care? Not like a vampire like me has the right to privacy or anything.”

"And who’s to say we won’t find a way out of the little mess? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time we’ve almost been exposed.”

Indie Charmed RP Masterlist

We are creating a giant master-list for every Charmed roleplayer.